“The world is my studio” is more than a nice little phrase I came up with a few years ago when trying to describe my work. It’s more of a philosophy and way of applying my craft, not just in a controlled studio, but everywhere there is vision and passion for the art in the world around us.

I started shooting for fun back in the mid 70’s . I never really thought much of it till I was recovering from a motorcycle accident and was in tech school while on rehab,waiting to return to the Air Force for duty. I picked up a photo class and after several more classes my instructor told me I could make money at shooting, Thank you Don Hayes for giving me that Iii push.

Early on in 1980 I started at a local newspaper, during my second year there I had earned several awards on the state level. In 1985 the newspaper was sold and merged resulting in layoffs. I was thrust into the commercial arena, thats why my style has such a photojournalistic look.

Since then I’ve been blessed to be able to have a lot of very diverse clients from all over the United States, they have let me share and enjoy my  passion for the art. I’ve shot everything from Surgeries to food to fashion to underwater art to the amazing Southwest. Concerts, weddings, cookbooks, art, hospitals, sports, Universities, ads, construction, architecture, interiors, even an underground mine, conferences and lots more. Theres not much out there I have not had a camera on and I’m always looking forward to the next challenge.

I love the collaboration and completion of a well planned project, contact me and we will see what we can create. Anything anywhere anytime.